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Basic function of steam trap——HERO VALVE

Issuing time:2020-05-20 08:06Author:CHINA·HERO VALVE CO.,

The basic function of the steam trap is to expel the condensate, air and carbon dioxide gas in the steam system as soon as possible, and at the same time automatically prevent the leakage of steam to the greatest extent. There are many types of traps, each with different performance. When selecting a steam trap, first select its characteristics to meet the best operation of the steam heating equipment, and then consider other objective conditions, so that selecting the trap you need is correct and effective.

According to the different working principles of steam traps, steam traps can be divided into the following three types:

One: Mechanical type: Relies on the change of the height of the condensate water guard in the steam trap, including: Float type: the float is a closed hollow sphere; open upward float type: the float is a barrel type with an upward opening; the open direction Lower float type: the float is a bucket with an opening downward;

Two: Thermostatic type: Relies on the change of liquid temperature to act, including: bimetallic sheet: the sensitive original is a bimetallic sheet; steam pressure type: the sensitive original is a bellows or ink cartridge, which is filled with volatile liquid.

Three: Thermodynamic type: Relies on the change of the thermodynamic properties of the liquid to act. Disc type: due to the different flow rates of liquid and gas under the same pressure, the different dynamic and static pressures generated drive the disc valve; pulse type: due to the condensed water of different temperatures throttling through the two poles in series Orifice plate type, different pressures sitting between the two-pole throttle orifice plate, driving the valve flap.

The steam trap plays the role of steam blocking and drainage in the steam heating system. Choosing the proper steam trap can make the steam heating equipment reach the highest working efficiency. In order to achieve the most ideal results, it is necessary to fully understand the working performance and characteristics of various types of traps.



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