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Pressure resistance of bellows valve——HERO VALVE

Issuing time:2020-04-10 00:00Author:HERO

Pressure resistance is an important parameter of bellows valve performance.

The pressure resistance of the bellows actually belongs to the strength category of the bellows. The key to the calculation is stress analysis, which means analyzing the stress on the bellows wall. As long as the stress at the maximum stress point on the bellows wall does not exceed the yield strength of the material, the pressure on the bellows will not reach its pressure resistance. The bellows valve can bear the maximum static pressure without plastic deformation on the waveform at normal temperature, which is the maximum pressure resistance of the bellows valve. Under normal circumstances, the bellows valve is at a certain pressure (internal or external pressure) Work, so it must withstand this pressure during the entire work process without plastic deformation.

When the same bellows have the same other working conditions, the stability under external pressure is better than that under internal pressure. Therefore, the maximum withstand pressure under external pressure is higher than that under internal pressure.

When the two ends of the bellows are fixed, if sufficient pressure is applied to the inner cavity, the wave crest of the bellows may be blasted and damaged. When the bellows start to burst, the pressure value inside the bellows is called the bursting pressure. Burst pressure is a parameter that characterizes the maximum compressive strength of bellows. During the entire working process of the bellows, the working pressure is far less than the burst pressure, otherwise the bellows valve will be broken and damaged.

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